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STEP 1. Select a program
Preparatory department (Russian as a foreign language)
Undergraduate programs
Specialist programs
Master's programs
Postgraduate Programs
Residency programs
STEP 2. Choose the basis of training
The conditions for admission of foreign citizens to the budgetary basis for higher education programs at MSUFP you can find here
STEP 3. Prepare the necessary documents and go through the procedure for recognizing a document of education
The list of documents required for the admission of foreign citizens to higher education programs at MSUFP, as well as detailed information on the legalization and procedure for recognizing a document of education, you can find here
STEP 4. Apply online
You can apply online using the link here
STEP 5. Pass the entrance examinations and enter MSUFP
You can find more information and schedule of entrance examinations here
the popularity of the university at the international level is increasing every year

preparatory course

group recruitment is open
What will you learn?
Step by step you will learn to understand, speak and read Russian
Understand dialogues, express your thoughts and
chat with russian friends
Learn the country, habits and features
residents of Russia
You will get acquainted with the national customs, traditions and culture of Russia
The program includes
Russian language
general course and specialization according to the profile of your chosen education
Adaptation disciplines
seminar on social and cultural adaptation.
Geography of Russia,
Russian communication style and intercultural communication
Professional disciplines
humanities, engineering, biomedical, natural sciences
Head of Russian studies
Course structure
Introductory phonetic package + Training Section
You will learn to recognize each sound and learn the correct pronunciation. Learn phonetic transcription and word stress
Training at the Preparatory faculty is conducted in five areas
  • Biomedical (Russian language, biology, chemistry, physics, history, informatics)
  • Humanities (Russian language, social studies, history, literature, computer science, geography)
  • Engineering and technology (Russian language, mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, drawing, history)
  • Economic (Russian language, mathematics, social studies, history, computer science,)
  • Natural science (Russian language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics).
The basic lexico-grammatical package in three basic components
  • presentation module
  • training module
  • control and measurement module

After graduating from the preparatory faculty and successfully passing the final exams, a "Certificate of Completion of the Additional General Educational Program of Pre-University Training of Foreign Citizens" of the established form is issued.
Which gives the right to enroll in any university of the Russian Federation in the relevant profile and in the relevant field of study
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Training program
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*classes with teachers are held in Moscow (Russia)
From the MGUPP campuses you can get to Red Square in 30 minutes
our addresses:
  • Volokolamskoe highway, 11 (m. Sokol, MCC. Panfilovskaya)
  • st. Talalikhina, 33 (m. Volgogradsky prospect)
At the beginning of the academic year, each group of first-year students is assigned a curator-student of MSUFP. Who is always ready to help you.
MSUFP has an extensive list of various events in which students participate.
The admission committee of MSUFP will help you get acquainted with the university and its rules, providing all the necessary information. Make sure you don't miss the entrance exams.
MSUFP has more than 50 partner universities and organizes internships in many countries. This is a unique opportunity to travel, gaining new knowledge and skills.
MGUPP provides training for foreign students in the Russian language to obtain a specialty. The language training of foreign citizens precedes their studies in higher education programs.
MSUFP has an extensive campus, which includes 5 buildings of hostels located on two sites:
m. Sokol, MCC. Panfilovskaya
m. Pechatniki

Dormitory No. 2 - corridor type (address: Panfilov str., 18, building 2)
Dormitory No. 3 - corridor type (address: Panfilova str., 18, building 3)
Dormitory No. 4 - block type (address: Panfilov str., 16)
Dormitory No. 5 - block type (address: Polbina str., 35, building 1)
Dormitory No. 6 - block type (address: Polbina str., 35, building 2)

Each hostel is conveniently located and has good, developed transport logistics, which allows you to comfortably and quickly get to the main historical, cultural and entertainment parts of Moscow.

Attractive pricing policy makes accommodation in the capital affordable for everyone. The cost of accommodation in a room for three people is 1,200 rubles per month (Internet and other services are paid separately).

Dormitories are equipped with soft and hard equipment according to established standard standards, common Laundry areas, showers, separate rooms for work and relaxation, as well as gyms and leisure centers.

A prerequisite for settling into a hostel is the provision of a medical certificate, including testing for HIV, AIDS *
MSUFP together with JSC Borovitsky Insurance Company takes care of the health and safety of its foreign students and trainees.

By purchasing a medical policy from us, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality and timely medical care.

It is very easy to issue an insurance policy: you just need to contact the office for work with foreign citizens - Moscow, Volokolamskoye sh., 11, building B, 9th floor, office. 906.
- Have your passport with you
- Pay the receipt at any convenient branch of Sberbank.

The cost of medical insurance for one year: 9.570 rubles*

Outpatient primary health care in an emergency form includes:
  • Primary (pre-medical) medical care;
  • Treatment and diagnostic appointments of doctors on an outpatient basis: therapist, pediatrician, surgeon, gynecologist, otolaryngologist, infectious disease specialist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist and other specialists; issuance of certificates of incapacity for work, medical certificates, prescriptions;
  • Diagnostic studies for urgent indications: laboratory diagnostics, radiation diagnostics, other types of diagnostics.
  • Registration of medical documentation, including a certificate in the form No. 086-U.
  • Carrying out preliminary medical examinations of persons in order to prevent diseases
  • Dental care in an emergency form includes: relief of acute pain, extraction of teeth in order to relieve acute toothache using local anesthesia.

EXCEPTIONS: Medical services provided in an emergency or planned form are not covered by the insurance.

For questions about migration registration, please contact the Department for Work with Foreign Students (building B, room 906).

+7 (499) 750 01 11 ext. 5998, 6539, 6572

office hours:
Mon-Fri 14.00 - 17.00

Leave a request
and learn more about training
Makarov Nikita Igorevich
Director of the Institute of International Education

Kovtun Lilia Viktorovna
Candidate of Cultural Studies, Associate Professor
Head of the Department Russian as a Foreign Language of the Institute of International Education
Organization of teaching the Russian language to foreign citizens at the preparatory faculty, as well as at the main faculties of the university

Takhirova Arzu Misi Kyzy
Specialist of the Institute of International Education
Collection of documents, resolution and extension of migration registration, extension of visas, issuance of invitations.

Bobrova Yaroslava Alekseevna
Dispatcher of the Institute of International Education
Collection of documents, resolution and extension of migration registration, extension of visas, issuance of invitations.

MSUFP has a department for work with foreign students.

Employees of the department for work with foreign students coordinate the reception and placement of foreign citizens on campuses, promote the social adaptation of students at the university and help with visa and registration issues.
To find out more about MGUPP and the university admission rules, please visit our website or contact the department for work with foreign students by e-mail: or by phone: +7 (499) 750 01 11 ext. 5998, 6539, 6572
stay up to date with our news
+7 (499) 750 01 11 ext. 5998, 6539, 6572

Moscow, Volokolamsk highway, 11, building B, room. 906, 916
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